Engineering of civil, industrial buildings and structures, infrastructure facilities of transport and telecommunication:

  • railway transport lines and structures;
  • municipal and external transport, including motor road, air and water transport;
  • motor roads of all technical categories;
  • street and road network of municipal transport;
  • bridges, crossovers, overhead crossings and traffic intersections;
  • railway automation systems;
  • systems of operative, process and commercial telecommunication, radio-telecommunication;
  • engineering-geodetic and geotechnical works;
  • civil construction engineering;
  • architectural engineering;
  • construction engineering;
  • designing of engineering systems and utilities.
  • Development of specific project disciplines on:
    • occupational safety;
    • anticorrosive protection;
    • lightning protection;
    • automation, fire alarm, fire-fighting and fire protection systems.
  • Expert and engineering services
  • Author supervision for construction, overhaul repair, reconstruction of buildings and structures.
  • Process support for construction.
  • Maintenance of main oil and gas pipelines,
  • as well as vessels and pipelines under pressure
  • Technical inspection and non-destructive control of operating main pipelines.

Development of geo-information systems for main gas and oil product pipelines on the basis of inline inspection.